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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  December 18, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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unit returns to the bay area . good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. a california national guard unit returns to the bay area tonight, after serving in afghanistan. don knapp is live at the san
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jose airport where some of the soldiers will arrive in about half an hour. >> reporter: we're waiting for some of the 180 national guard troops returning to california after nearly a year in afghanistan. they are returning in stages today, as several flights, some landing at sfo, some flights in san jose. they have been coming home, not entirely a joyous occasion. just last month, one of theirs returned home, specialist shawn walsh. he had been killed in action in afghanistan. he's a member of the same company, military police that are coming home today. now, we expect of course many happier moments this evening when these folks finally do get home and meet their loved once, greet them here at norman make net take international, then take off fairly quickly. that's what happened in oakland. they got down on the ground, didn't have much time for media. they met with families and headed home. we'll try and catch a few minutes with them as they get down and we expect that in about
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half an hour. >> don knapp, thank you so much. shots fired at officers. that's what police say happened when they responded to report of a man with a gun outside of menlo park home. the incident happened on holly burn avenue near highway 101, just after 1:00 a.m. when officers arrived at the scene, they found a group of people outside a home. police say a member of the group shot at them before anyone fled. one officer returned fire. no one was shot. they set up a perimeter and searched the yard, apprehending six people, arresting three and recovered five guns. authorities are investigating tonight what started a fatal fire in the east bay. it happened early this morning at a home in oakland. firefighters arrived to find the archer street house fully engulfed. anne mackovic talked to one person who ran toward the flames to try to save a man. >> we got out and saw flames billowing out the window. >> reporter: the walls around the window are now charred as
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the body of a 55-year-old man laid inside. firefighters found him deceased in his bed after a fire started in his second story room. this man is his house mate. >> they say he was smoking a cigarette in there or something. the fire just came -- he probably fell asleep, because he does that a lot. >> reporter: at least six people were renting rooms in this house on arthur street. even the living room had been turned into a mini apartment. the legality is being questioned today. according to this neighbor-- >> too many people in that house. too many people. >> reporter: at least one of those people tried to save the man who died. >> it was just black. i couldn't see 2 feet in front of me. i couldn't breathe, so i came back out, went back in and by that time, i couldn't do anything. >> right now, there's no obvious signs of any type of foul play. >> reporter: firefighters think the man known as benny suffered smoke inhalation in his sleep and then died in the fire. his family came straight from church this morning to the
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scene. >> we come from a large family of eight children and benny is number 5. so we love him dearly and we're going to miss him, of course. and he has children, so we'll be lifting up his children in prayer as well. >> reporter: the red cross is now helping the people who lived here find temporary shelter. in oakland, anne mackovic, cbs 5. other bay area headlines, san jose police say they have credible evidence the man accused of killing a fellow hell's angel member was spotted in their city. authorities say steve ruiz fatally shot a former u.s. marine during the funeral of a third hell's angel member. that was in october in san jose. police have been looking for ruiz ever since. he is believed to be armed and dangerous. san francisco police chief greg sur will hold a community meeting tomorrow to discuss a fatal officer-involved shooting. last wednesday, officers shot a man who they say fired during a traffic stop on larkin street.
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that man died from injuries the following day. a giant distribution line represent toured in san pablo, causing a water main to break. crews dug into the broken-up pavement and discovered a fuel pipeline. the line was undamaged, but as a precaution, it is now being drained. a conoco phillips spokeswoman says their line is safe and was likely there before homes were built in the area. the proposed bike lane on the west span of the bay bridge could cost more than half a billion dollars. that's according to a project document unveiled last week. the bike path would hang off the bay bridge from san francisco to buena island. it may not be built, but it's already cost more than a million dollars just to explore the option. not quite the grinch stealing christmas, but vandals in one central city came close. a popular attraction was damaged in oak dale. the christmas train, which offers rides with santa and elves, had at least five of its
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windows broken for the third time this year. >> it's unsafe and very expensive. these windows aren't cheap. each window is anywhere from 500 to $800. >> the damage was repaired in time for tonight's scheduled ride. the general manager says if an incident like this happens again, they may have to move their train somewhere else. well, hundreds of people out of a job this holiday season. they say they are victims of a massive bay area layoff. how they are fighting back. much more than a new place to get food. why this supermarket supplies hope in one bay area city. chilly fog around the bay. it will reform this evening with patchy frost in the north bay valleys. clearing off again by tomorrow afternoon, as we continue our cool and dry pattern right on through the christmas weekend.
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the philippines is up to more than 650. more than 900 ll missing. . the death toll from the storm in the philippines is up to more than 650 people. more than 900 others are still missing.
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tropical storm washee caused flash floods on the southern island that usually doesn't get hit by major storms like other parts of the philippines. most victims were asleep friday when the floods struck. former czech president havel has died. he was the hero of the velvet revolution, the peaceful revolution that split czechoslovakia in two, resulting in a democracy and free economy for both. havel came to symbolize the power of the people. he was nominated several times for the nobel peace prize and was awarded a presidential medical of freedom by president george w. bush. havel was 75 years old. a new supermarket brings hundreds of jobs and a new concept to san jose. fresco world market opened at the east ridge mall today. the store specializes in a wide variety of international foods, including latin american and asian, to appeal to the bay area's many cultures. it features fresh produce, as
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well as packaged and prepared foods. >> our community is very diverse. now the supermarket is a reflection of that. so we've got asian vegetables, alongside italian vegetables, and everyone here can feel comfortable and be able to find whatever they need in this store. >> the new market created 200 blue collar jobs. that's significant, because san jose has a 10.7% unemployment rate, higher than other cities in the silicon valley. well, here's an early holiday gift for drivers. gas prices are going down. according to the lundberg survey, the average price for a gallon of gas dropped by 5 cents over the past two weeks. nationwide, the average price of a gallon of regular is $3.24. of the cities surveyed, san francisco drivers pay the most at $3.57 a gallon. you'll find the cheapest gas in albuquerque, new mexico. they are paying $2.83. christmas came early for children in one east bay city today. the charles r reed foundation held its annual christmas party
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for families in need. it took place in richmond and children between 2 and 12 years old received gifts. >> i just like to see the kids all happy. they are. they come by and we have all these things for them. so i think it's good. >> organizers expected more people to attend this year because of the weak economy. 2011 marks the 64th year for the event. the foundation held its event for the first time in 1947. have you finished your holiday shopping? how many people wait until the last week? what sales look like so far this year. and the day started off chilly and foggy. will things work up for the work week? your pinpoint forecast is ahead. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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holiday season. . more than 200 workers in richland are without a job this holiday season. today, a show of support for the immigrant workers at berkeley pacific steel casting. they were fired because of undocumented status. pressure from federal immigration officials led to the firings. today, donations of rice, beans and chicken were given to those who lost their jobs. richmond officials say most of those recently unemployed live in richmond and san pablo and urged the company to reconsider. sherlock holmes' biggest challenge is a declining box office. sherlock holmes, a game of
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shadows opened on top of the box office this weekend, but the take was down 36% from the previous film. sherlock holmes took in $40 million. alvin and the chipmunks, chip wrecked was in second place with more than $23 million. capitalize on last-m . so we are in the final week of holiday shopping, and retailers are hoping to capitalize on last-minute shoppers. analysts say 40% of holiday shopping is typically done in the last 10 days before christmas. the national retail federation is optimistic increasing sales projections to 3.8% over last year, and a record breaking $470 billion for the season. and if you still need to ship gifts to someone, there's just a few days left according to the u.s. postal service. shipments heading out by first class mail need to be at the post office no later than
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tuesday. priority mail has to be out on wednesday. and express mail has to be out at the post office by thursday. fed ex and ups will still guarantee delivery by christmas until december 23. tomorrow is a spare the air day. the bay area air quality management says the cold, stillwater, plus pollution close to the ground under a layer of warmer air, so tomorrow it's illegal to burn wood indoors or outdoors. this is the season's seventh spare the air day. jim bernard in the weather center, are we going to see any change? >> tuesday and wednesday, i think a bit more of an offshore breeze will settle in here and mix lower level of the atmosphere up. warming temperatures and clearing the air a bit. but no major change here in our weather pattern, as we see that high pressure system continuing to block all the approaching fronts and off of central california, spending the storm track to our north and south, where tonight we see fog forming
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over the city. patchy fog in the morning, along with patchy frost in some of the colder spots. we will continue cool and dry through the week, right on through the christmas holiday. i don't see any big change in this pattern. once again, all of the rain is going by to our north and south. as ann mentioned, we do have a spare the air alert up again for tomorrow. we should see this clear by tuesday and wednesday. and probably stay clear through the end of the week here. we'll see a little more mixing in the lower levels of the atmosphere. but not much in the way of clouds or rain headed our direction for the foreseeable future. we'll look for lows tonight in the mid to low 30s across the north bay valleys and over in the east bay. right at the bay, more like upper 30s to low 40s here. again this morning, we had very cold temperatures, below the freezing mark for napa and santa rosa with patchy frost up there. should be a couple of degrees warmer tonight, and with the blocking high just off the
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coast, continuing to be our dominant weather feature here through the weekend, as we will see not much change in the pattern. a few disturbances going over the top of the ridge, way to the north, then slide across the southern sierra into the desert southwest, which is where a white christmas is at this point. they are looking for blizzard warnings up for new mexico, arizona, and colorado through midweek. that storm will move up into the upper midwest to chicago by the end of the week. could be travel delays if you're headed that way. here on the west coast, sunny, mild and dry all week and probably through the weekend as well. we continue this lovely fall weather pattern, much as we've seen the last several months. low clouds and fog will be patchy and first thing in the morning, both the coastal variety and valley fog here, whether dense fog advisory up again for the san joaquin valley. that clears out through the day, leaving us mostly sunny and slightly warmer. just by a degree or two. nothing dramatic, as we won't
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see much change here in the weather pattern through the week. we'll look for upper 50s, 60s. back at the beach, mid to upper 50s. overnight lows will be flirting with that freezing spot. seven-day forecast, lots of sunshine, slightly warmer temperatures, continued dry and mild into, if not through next weekend. all the rain and snow remains well to our south and through the upper midwest at this point in time. looks like a great forecast for christmas, and great football weather. >> frustrating the raiders went down to the wires against the lions, but they still need some help to get to the playoffs. can anybody stop the tim tebow express? sports is next.
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way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. catch the . three weeks ago, the raiders were in the driver's seat to win the afc west. now they have only two weeks left to catch the broncos. carson palmer would throw for a season high 367 yards. first quarter, raiders open up the play book. lewis murphy on the reverse. he stumbles, stays on his feet and scores his first touchdown of the year. 7-0 oakland. the lions responded with a big play of their own. matthew stafford airs it out to calvin johnson who ran right past three raiders defenders, and the game is tied at 7-7. mega tron is just getting
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started. second quarter, palmer fires to darrius heyward-bey, who breaks free for the 43-yard touchdown. dhb had a career high 155 yards receiving. the raiders led 17-14 at the half. fourth quarter, oakland now up 20-14. tommy kelly brings the pressure and strips stafford. aaron curry scoops it up and scores to put the raiders up 13. then curry celebrates by doing his best tim norton, jr. impression. less than 2 minutes to go, 6-point game, stafford again just heaves it downfield, and, again, johnson gets behind the raider defense for a 48-yard gain to get the lions in the red zone. 43 seconds remaining, stafford hits guess who, johnson in the back of the end zone to put detroit on top. johnson torched the raiders for 214 yards receiving and two touchdowns. final chance for the silver and black, but this 65-yarder is blocked as time expires. lions come back to stun the
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raiders 28-27. >> my goal is to win every football game i coach, you know. right now, i'm a .500 football coach. 7-7. that's not who i am. i'm very disappointed by it. i'm very disappointed for the fans and players and the organization. i need to get better. this team needs to get better and play better and we will. the raiders needed someone to slow down tim tebow. how about the patriots? broncos haven't shown much offense in the first half, not today. opening drive, tebow could be sacked. instead, he gets away, ends up scoring. don't worry, they fall behind. fourth quarter, officially tebow time. would they have another comeback? drops back, escapes the rush, retreats more and more and more, then finally is sacked, a loss of 28 yards. broncos' six-game winning streak is now history, 41-23 pats. so with two weeks to play, the raiders remain one game behind the broncos in the afc west. the raiders are in kansas city
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next saturday. through 13 games, there are two streaks towards perfection, or imperfection in the nfl. the 13-0 packers and the 0-13 colts, both approaching history. aaron rodgers and the packers in kansas city. historically arrowhead, a tough place to win a road game. green bay, down 6-0 in the third. rodgers to donald driver. the pack takes a 7-6 lead. but the chiefs would re-take the lead, and dpo don't go away. battles plows away for a touchdown run. kansas city now up 19-7, and that means the gatorade shower for interim coach romeo crennel. the packers lose 19-14, ending their perfect season. they are now 13-1. the colts announced that the injured peyton manning will not play this season. still doesn't want andrew lock. they may not need him. they have donald brown. stopped behind the line of scrimmage, escapes, gets a block, and what can brown do for
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you? how about an 80-yard touchdown, career high 161 yards today. the colts won't go winless, beating the titans 27-13. the saints drew brees didn't notice the ball was snapped until he was making the call from the shotgun formation. minnesota would recover the fumble and kick a field goal. but that was about the only miscue for the new orleans offense. brees throws for 412 yards and 5 touchdowns. saints over the vikings 42-20, winning six in a row, improving to 11-3. niners will need to keep pace with the saints. monday night football, niners and steelers tomorrow night on cbs 5. coverage begins at 4:30. stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter. the warriors have acquired brandon rush from the pacers in exchange for big man lewis amundsen. the deal is expected to be finalized tomorrow. rush was indiana's first round pick in 2008. he's averaged only 9 points a game, but is a career 40%
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shooter from behind the arc, and is regarded as a good defender. he'll likely back up wright at small forward. of course we look forward to seeing those warriors. and game day tonight, 49ers-steelers game from 1978, nearly postponed after the assassination of the mayor and harvey milk. that's tonight at 11:30. >> and you're hosting that. >> yes. that's going to do it for us. 60 minutes is next. have a good night. ♪
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